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I’m afraid to have my pet anesthetized for a dental procedure that my vet recommends. I heard that CHAI offers Fully Awake Dental procedures. Is my pet a candidate?

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 We no longer offer awake dental cleanings. If your veterinarian is recommending a dental cleaning, it is likely due to calculus buildup on the teeth and below the gum line that will need to be removed with an ultrasonic scaler. Pets do not permit this type of instrument in their mouths due to the noise, and possible discomfort of cleaning below the gum line. Also, if the tartar is excessive, it may be concealing a painful area that would be uncovered during the process causing pain to the pet, or could even conceal a tooth issue that indicates need for removal, which certainly could not be done if the pet was awake.

We can offer daily dental care tips you can use at home to keep your pet’s teeth and gums as healthy as possible. This does not mean that the pet will never need an anesthetized dental procedure, but it can certainly postpone having those performed, just as routing dental cleanings at your dentist’s office can help you prevent major issues.

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