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The goal of CHAI LIFE Pet Nutrition market is to offer high quality foods, supplements and products which improves the life and health of the pets whose parents shop with us. Chattanooga Holistic Animal Institute opened the market in 2022 after hearing the frustration of our clients and friends related to the difficulties they faced in locating and understanding the foods they were feeding to their pets. Our clients wanted and needed a safe place to find reliable and quality products that they could feel confident in offering to their pets. We wanted to offer a place where anyone could come and feel empowered to shop any of our products and know that each one was specifically selected by our holistic veterinarian. Our highly trained retail manager has worked closely with Dr. Smith since 2013 and is excited to have the opportunity to assist our shoppers with any questions they may have. She and her entire staff are eager to be of service. CHAI Life market will also special order any products that we do not carry in order to serve our clients better.

Featured Brands

Frozen, Dehydrated or Canned Food?

Nutrition is the foundation for your pet’s overall health. We carry a specific selection of pet foods that are more bio-available and species appropriate, so your pet utilizes these foods much better. Learn more about how each one of these food types has an overall health effect on your pet’s life.

Meet Dr. Colleen Smith

Dr. Smith is a holistic veterinarian that is passionate about nutrition and helping people make healthier choices for their pets. She started CHAI Life for people who want to genuinely take control of their pet’s health and make nutritional decisions.

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