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Understanding Cancer

Our mission statement and slogan has always been Happy, Healthy, Holistic Pets. Our goal is to keep you from ever having to hear a cancer diagnosis. Our favorite stories are of the pets whose course we have been able to direct toward health and away from disease. Those include the many puppies and kittens who have come to us after their owners lost their previous pet too soon because of cancer and they want to do everything they can to keep this pet healthy. This is where we can teach owners how to have the healthiest pet possible. These are the cases where we really get to make a lasting impact. We aren’t only bringing a pet back from the brink of death and offering the owner a few more good months or years. We are able to make sure this pet stays healthy for a lifetime and that is what we are in veterinary medicine to do, keep healthy pets with loving owners for as long as possible.

25% of younger dogs will get cancer. The earliest case we have personally treated is 16 months of age. By the time a pet reaches 10 years old, their likelihood of cancer is 50%. Prevention of this disease is paramount as cancer treatment is costly and sadly, does not always end with the pet in remission. We have had great success in treating cancer at our clinic but the ultimate success is in all the pets we prevented from expressing cancer at all.

Every person and animal already has the genetic programming required to create cancer in their bodies. This is a frightening realization, I know, but the newest cancer research clearly shows that cancer is not a progression of acquired mutations forward until cancer is created, but instead a reversion to the programming that the body already contains, brought on by chronic cellular damage. Chronic damage to a cell creates mutations, yes, but the mutations present in the cell does not always equal a cancer diagnosis. It is when the environment that the chronically damaged cell is living in is hospitable to cancers creation, that the damaged cell is able to complete the backward evolution required to become cancerous. There are no cells in the body that are safe from this process.

Cancer is not new to this generation or to the last. Cancer has been here for as long as there has been life on this planet. The rates of cancer have exploded in recent generations related directly to the chronic insults we subject our pets to daily. The majority of cancers today are not different from the cancers from the beginning of time with the exception of the small percentage of cancers that are produced by more modern bacteria, viruses and more recently created irritants like asbestos. What’s more surprising, is that the vast majority of cancers are not genetic.

There are many contributing factors to cancer development and proliferation. Human statistical data shows that 5% of cancers are genetic and 18% are causes by viruses or bacteria. What about the other 77% of cancers? Obesity, hyperinsulinemia, environmental toxins, consumed toxins and microbiome dysbiosis all contribute to cancer creation by creating a toxic environment in your pet’s body offering the ideal environment for cancer creation, proliferation and metastasis. These chronic and sub-lethal assaults on your pet’s immune system are widely in your control.

The singular, most important thing you can do to help prevent cancer formation in your pet is to feed an appropriate diet consisting of all the things your pet requires to function at an optimal level and it is something that you can personally control. Stop allowing the marketing departments of dog food conglomerates tell you what is the best nutrition for your pet. Please speak to a properly trained veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist as they are the only people who should help you plan a diet for YOUR pet.

For more information, please read the (What’s Wrong With Kibble) article on this website.

The diet should provide all of the bioavailable nutrients required for the pet’s energy requirements and bodily functions, but should also promote a healthy environment. A healthy environment is free of inflammation and toxins and it nourishes the ultra-important microbiome. 70% of a pet’s immune system is located in the digestive tract and properly nourishing the microbiome is key in fighting cancer. There is no cancer treatment available today for most cancers in pets that is better than their own immune systems at killing cancer cells. Knowing how to turn a pet’s immune system on can be a difficult and time consuming process as many years of immune assaults must be overcome in order to help the immune system begin to function properly again. It is certainly not an overnight process.

By the time most pets are diagnosed with cancer, they are many months into the cancer process and metastases have already occurred, but are yet undetectable by conventional diagnostic measures such as x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, etc… To fight these cancers, the immune system must be ignited through multiple channels while the cancer is targeted for destruction via multi-pronged therapies devised and based on each pet’s particular type of cancer and type of imbalance. It is then, and only then, that we have a chance of winning the war. Providing cancer treatment without addressing the diet and immune system’s roles in recovery is futile and debilitating for the pet as is cancer treatment without detoxification.

The body works as a whole. You cannot focus solely on eradicating cancer cells without also treating the pet’s ability to fight micro-metastasis and eliminate the waste accumulated. As cancer cells die, there are toxic byproducts that must be addressed to support the pet’s ability to withstand treatment and come out the other side in remission. When these systems are not supported, cancer treatment is much harder for the pet’s body and outcomes are far worse for the pet.

Treating the whole patient is what we do at CHAI. We offer many alternative treatments for cancer and also offer support for pets who are receiving conventional cancer treatment at other hospitals. All that matters to us, is that your pet comes out the other side of cancer treatment healthier than when they started it and that you are armed with the knowledge of how to help your pet stay Happy, Healthy and Holistic for the rest of their lives.

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