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Veterinary orthopedic manipulation (VOM)

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Veterinary orthopedic manipulation (VOM) is a healing technique for dogs, cats, horses and other animals that re-establishes normal nervous system communications in a variety of disease and injured states.
VOM is not to be confused with chiropractic care that also seeks to restore function through the reduction of subluxations. Unlike VOM, chiropractic treatment relies on manual palpation and a cooperative and relaxed patient to accurately detect and treat “subluxations.” Because of a failure to identify all “pathological reads” associated with subluxations, chiropractic can be expected to detect only 40% of subluxations. VOM on the other hand, easily identifies all “pathological reads” that produce subluxations and provides a fast, effective way to reduce them for optimum healing to occur. Unlike manual chiropractic where 50% of domestic animals can be expected to cooperate, VOM delivers 100% adjustments regardless of position, temperament or tension in the animal. Adding to the effectiveness of VOM technology is a built-in rescheduling protocol. This inserts the patient on a self-regulating readjustment interval.

Lameness, Hip dysplasia syndromes, IV disc disease, Urinary and fecal incontinence, Wobblers’ disease, Diseases of the knees, Diseases of the esophagus, Digestive disorders, Endocrine diseases, Performance problems, Behavioral problems, Agility problems, and many more.

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