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Acupuncture is the oldest form of medicine, used in veterinary practice in China for at least 3000 years. Acupuncture works primarily via the central nervous system and is known to affect all major physiologic systems (musculoskeletal, hormonal and cardiovascular). This therapy can be used by itself or in conjunction with Western medicine. Acupuncture enables the body to heal itself by stimulating specific points on the body that have the ability to alter various biochemical and physiologic conditions.
Acupuncture can relieve or eliminate many common problems:

  • Musculoskeletal (arthritis, bursitis, vertebral disc disease, hind end weakness)
  • Skin problems (itching and scratching, allergies, lick granulomas)
  • Respiratory (such as feline asthma)
  • Digestive (diarrhea, vomiting)
  • Internal Medicine (heart disease, kidney disease)
  • Neurologic Disorders (degenerative myelopathy, laryngeal paralysis, epilepsy)

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