At Chattanooga Holistic Animal Institute, we have made our best effort to develop and construct an incredibly eco friendly, locally supported and energy efficient structure. Dr. Smith designed the floor plan to be an inviting and organic space, so with the help of a local architect, the vision was transformed and a fantastic building was created.

The animal hospital has an energy efficient ductless air system, skylights for natural light, and a landscape designed by a local designer to incorporate regional plants with an emphasis on visual flow. We use energy efficient appliances and lighting, and all the millwork was done by a local carpenter that utilizes only reclaimed wood.

The Running Numbers sculpture pictured below was donated to CHAI by nearby Sculpture Fields as a thank you for helping to beautify the Southside community. The artist is John Clement and you can see many more of his beautiful creations in Southside’s Montague Park.


"Outstanding. The facility and staff here all have a great energy. Highly recommended, could not be happier with how well they handled our usually nervous pup. Two paws up.

- J Walt

"I am so happy I finally found a great vet! It is scary to have a sick pet and not know who to turn to. CHAI has a great atmosphere and has totally improved the quality of life for my cat. I am so thankful!

- E. Ink

"Absolutely love the experience here and both the doctor and the staff are fabulous. I have looked for a healthier way to treat my animals for years and this is it! Highly recommend this clinic.

- B. Kwasnik