Do you know what's in your pet's food?

Preservatives, food dyes, fillers, by-products and additives that are not bioavailable to your pet should not be in their food!

Is your cat drinking enough water?

Cats maintain proper hydration either through moisture in their food or through drinking water. Some cats can be very particular about the water they drink, the water bowl and the taste of the water. This can result in the cat not drinking enough. Listed below are suggestions on how you can increase your cat’s water intake.

– Incorporate high moisture canned or raw food into your cat’s diet

– Use an automatic water fountain as many cats prefer running water

– Keep fresh clean water available and change the water frequently

– Try using different types of water bowls

– Use a variety of water such as bottled or filtered to determine your cat’s preference

Do you know how to read the ingredient list?

When it comes to pet nutrition, Rule #1 is to READ THE LABEL! Many people use a pet food because a friend or neighbor said it was good, or their breeder used it previously, or even because the veterinarian recommended it. With no disrespect intended to whoever might have recommended it, YOU are the one responsible for your pet’s well-being and YOU alone should read the label and understand what you are giving your pet.

Is your pet showing the warning signs of poor digestion?

Symptoms such as chronic diarrhea, bad breath, a mucous film or blood in the stool, tummy rumbling, inappetance, licking lips after eating, gas, constipation or vomiting–these can be serious warning signs that your pet’s digestion is “off”. Poor digestive health leads to a weakened immune system. Pets with poor digestion can develop cancer, thyroid disorders, skin problems, ear infections and many other health problems.

These questions are just a few of the many we all need to think about when feeding our pets. If we can offer the best quality diets available then good health and well-being will follow. Taking a pro-active approach with nutrition can minimize chronic diseases, improve the fitness and extend the longevity of our cherished family pets.

“Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates, Greek Physician, 5th century BC


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