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Veterinary Uses for Turmeric Herb

Turmeric is a warm and pungent herb. Its repertoire of clinical actions includes: anti-inflammatory/pain relief, stimulant, tonic, anthelmintic (dewormer), antioxidant, anti-platelet, liver-protective, anti-cancer, and cholesterol reducing properties.

Kitchen Cabinet Pharmacy – Honey

Honey has a long medicinal history. The ancient Egyptians not only made offerings of honey to their gods, they also used it as an embalming fluid and a dressing for wounds. On that last point, at least, they were on to something. Today, many people swarm to honey for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, evidence of which is supported by research: In the laboratory, honey has been shown to hamper the growth of food-borne pathogens such as coli and Salmonella, and to fight certain bacteria,… 

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine – Food Therapy Basics

Everyone knows that nutrition is a vital part of whole body health. At CHAI, we discuss nutrition at every appointment, since what an animal eats directly influences their overall health and ability to respond to treatment. Veterinarians trained in traditional Chinese veterinary medicine techniques can use specific foods to help their patients. Food therapy is safe, effective, and can be combined with other alternative therapies as well as conventional medical treatments. Below is an overview of the basic tenets of traditional Chinese food therapy. Five… 

Plants For Your Garden That Are Good For Your Dog

There are lots of guides out there on plants that are bad or even poisonous for your dog. But what about the ones that can have actual health benefits? Create a holistic, healthy herb garden right here in Chattanooga, with our guide to some of the best plants for your pet. Before you start buying barley grass and getting ginger, however, take a hour or so to make sure your garden is dog-friendly. Leave a water bowl in a shaded area, stop purchasing pesticides and… 

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