LVMT, VMRT, Master Herbalist, Veterinary Conference Orator, Published Author (Typical Type A Personality)

Jo graduated from the Veterinary Technician course at Chattanooga State and holds a AAS in Veterinary Technology and is a certified Stem Cell Technician. She has completed The Chi Institute technician program and is certified and accredited as a Veterinary Massage and Rehabilitation Therapist through Healing Oasis Wellness Center. Jo became certified as a Master Herbalist through The Natural Healing College in 2019 after many years of working closely with Dr. Smith with alternative medicine and herbals. She is currently pursuing certification as a veterinary nutritionist. Jo shares her life with a fabulously sweet Staffordshire Terrier named Conner MacManus which she adopted from McKamey Animal Center and Amelia Peabody who has become a celebrity in her own right. (Find Amelia Peabody on Facebook.)

(Secret Aspiration) Jo aspires to travel the globe as a masked and caped superhero rescuing Pit Bulls from Breed Specific Legislation. In her spare time she plans to commit acts of rebellion against Monsanto.

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