Ashley Wells LVMT

Enchantress of Ethereal Creatures

Ashley has lived in Chattanooga all of her life and began her career of working with animals by working with children in equine therapy from 2011 until 2015. She graduated from Chattanooga State in 2019 as a Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician and is currently attending CHI Institute to further her knowledge of Chinese veterinary medicine. Ashley is an avid plants-woman and skilled napper. She has a particular love for working with felines and has 2 that live with her, Malice and Pip. She also has a pointer dog named Beau and shares her human time with her husband Michael and step son Viktor.

(Secret Aspiration) Ashley aspires to receive her Hogwarts acceptance letter, become a water bender and gain level 100 Pokémon Mastership.

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