Amelia Peabody

Director of Shenanigans and Rehab Department Mascot

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Amelia Peabody is CHAI’s Director of Shenanigans and Rehab Department Mascot. She came to CHAI in April of 2017 in severely bad physical condition bordering on death. She was emaciated, dehydrated, had broken ribs, both femoral heads were broken and she had strong head tremors. Through much hard work by both her and the CHAI staff, an FHO surgery to remove unrepairable femoral heads, and adoption and rehabilitation by Jo Moyes, she has risen through the ranks and now has the whole rehab department named after her. The Amelia Peabody Rehabilitation Center opened in September of 2017 with Amelia leading the way. She has an amazing spirit and strives to do a good job of being a puppy and learning how to walk and play like a normal dog. With the help of her brother, Mac, she is starting to have a normal life and looks forward to many years of teaching others that no matter the adversity, you can overcome! You can follow Amelia Peabody on Facebook.

(Secret Aspiration) Amelia plans to someday attend magic school so she can go on to have a Vegas magic show where she will be paid in treats and toys.

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