Each picture on this page is of a pet who has blessed the lives of one of our staff members in finding a forever home with them. Whether they were new puppies when adopted or seniors who finally found a safe place to call home, each pet on this page was dearly loved and will be forever missed having enriched the lives of the humans that they left behind.

It is said that time heals all wounds however at CHAI we believe that when you lose a beloved pet, a part of you will never be the same. The passage of time allows us to focus on the happy times we had with our pets but the special part of your heart that is touched by a pets unique love will always remember the loss.

This page is dedicated to the memory of some of those special pets who helped one or more of our staff members experience true unconditional love.


"Outstanding. The facility and staff here all have a great energy. Highly recommended, could not be happier with how well they handled our usually nervous pup. Two paws up.

- J Walt

"I am so happy I finally found a great vet! It is scary to have a sick pet and not know who to turn to. CHAI has a great atmosphere and has totally improved the quality of life for my cat. I am so thankful!

- E. Ink

"Absolutely love the experience here and both the doctor and the staff are fabulous. I have looked for a healthier way to treat my animals for years and this is it! Highly recommend this clinic.

- B. Kwasnik